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Top five transfers of the week July 20, 2009

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Uncategorized.

Hey, we hope this will be a regular featuere. Please enjoy.

Barry Ferguson (Rangers to Birmingham) $2 million: So he has behavioral problems? That’s not even a bad thing overall if it knocks about $12 million off the price for a quality player who can slot in anywhere in midfield. I mean, Ferguson did fail last time he came to England, but that was before he was part of a Scotland team that slew a string of giants. And now he’s under a coach who knows how to get the best out of him and he’ll have something to prove. Of course, he could also peter out and suffer the same injury problems that scuppered his tenure at Blackburn. But at a price that low, it’s probably a risk worth taking.

Felipe Melo (Fiorentina to Juventus) $35.4 million: Proven in Serie A, proven on the international stage, powerful, skilfull, composed. And he’s a definite step up over Momo Sissoko.

Ricardo Oliveira (Real Betis to al-Jazeera) 19.8 million: How did that happen? Oliveira’s actually a damn good player. One can only speculate that a tremendously ill-advised stint at Milan, followed by successive relegations in La Liga (despite respectable scoring numbers) created the impression among interested parties that someone upstairs doesn’t much like Oliveira. And maybe the transfer fee was a little high too. But that means nothing to a club in the United Arab Emirates, where money would grow on trees if there were any. (As it is, it shoots out of the ground.)  Of course, maybe the hex hanging over Oliveira will drive Jazeera down the divisions too.

Marcus Berg (Groningen to Hamburg) $14.9 million: Why do I think Marcus Berg is a cast-iron guarantee of goals? Extensive experience watching his games in Holland? Scouting reports from expert witnesses? Hell no. Pure statistics: 33 goals in 56 goals in Holland is a hell of a ration. That, intuition, and the 22 years that have elapsed since the Swede’s birth are enough for me. Those and goals like this. I certainly think he’s got more of a chance at success than another Scandinavian hulk who changed hands this week.

Carlos Tevez (Manchester City to Manchester United) undisclosed,  rumored to be roughly $41 million: But Alex, isn’t that a hell of a lot of money? Oh, yeah, but wait, didn’t this guy keep a team in the Premiership singlehandedly despite having to play alongside Marlon Harewood, possibly the worst soccer player of the decade? Yes, he did. Wasn’t he also the first Argentine to really make it in Brazil in donkeys’ years, and didn’t he win a succession of Copa Libertadores singlehandedly before that? And whatever Manchester United fans are saying about him now, didn’t they put up 10 times as mich resistance to Tevez’s leaving as they did to European Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure? And this for a guy that never really got a look in in the team? Yeah, and the reason is that Carlos Tevez is a fucking superstar. Manchester City might have paid over the odds for him, but it was for top, top quality. He’s proven beyond all doubt in the Premiership. I’d put an early bet on a couple of derby wins for Manchester City this season if I were you.



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