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A few 21 and unders’ to keep an eye on August 27, 2009

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  1. Sergio Agüero, Atlético Madrid- age 21. “Kun” Aguero who makes up half of the formidable striking duo along side Diego Forlan isn’t exactly an unknown. After being courted by the likes of Chelsea and other top clubs this is a fairly easy choice. The reason he makes this list is one, he is 21 and two he plays in La Liga and not on a squad by the name of FC Barcelona or his cross town rival Real. He put away 17 last year but was overshadowed by Forlan’s league leading 32 goals. He is a hyrbid of quick acceleration and top speed a mix between the intensity of a Samuel Eto’o and nearly the quck cutting ability of his countryman Lionel Messi. clearly He is the striker of the future for his squad, it is just a matter if they can keep him in town.
  2. Jozy Altidore, Hull City (loan)-  age 19. Altidore got his chance in the premiership via loan and hes taken advantage of it quickly. The large framed American striker has put in a spectacular assist and a booming goal from distance in two games with the Tigers of Hull City. Don’t expect brilliance from distance all the time with Jozy, he excels at boxing defenders out and gaining control of balls which shorter and more stature challenged strikers struggle to handle. his ability to turn and fire from the top of the box can make him dangerous a la an aging Ronaldo. Being a citizen of the United States I often find myself criticizing his lack of touch and ball control, but I just remember the kid is 19,  The U.S shouldn’t screw up this situation by over hyping and pressuring this potentially excellent striker, we don’t need another Freddy Adu case on our hands.
  3. Stevan Jovetić, Fiorentina- age 19. Technique, technique, technique. This youngster began his career like most, starting his campaign in the Serbian league playing for the Belgrade side Partizan at the ripe old age of 16. At that same time he an others were heading the drive for a Montenegro national team, which he now earns caps for. okay so not exactly “normal”. The only thing that may keep this kid from being a star is his wavy locks of hair getting in the way. I hate to try to compare up and coming players to those who have established their talents but he reminds me of Andriy Shevchenko with a dash of Zlatan. mixing in high intensity runs with great technique inside the box, he just seems to have a nose for the goal. Don’t be surprised to see him earn a lot of playing time along side Alberto Gilardino for purple side of Florence.
  4. Franco Di Santo, Blackburn (loan)- age 20. Yet another talented front man for Argentina, but he is head and shoulders above the rest, literally. The 6’4 striker has yet to earn a cap for his national team side scoring 5 goals for the U-20 squad. It should just be a matter of time before he makes his debut, and it should be noticeable amongst the rather small lineup Argentina plays with now. Rarely does a move from Chelsea to Blackburn institute need for excitement, but in Di Santo’s case it gives him the opportunity play nearly every match and earn valuable time on the pitch against the best teams in the world, Daniel Sturridge in contrast may just ride the pine right through the season. Di Santo is all kinds of fast and strong shrugging off defenders seems more or less like second nature to this striker. Shall I say an Argentine Drogba, not that he has grasped the art of diving quite like the Ivory Coast national. In the case of both Argentina and Chelsea I suppose the rich get richer.


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