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Man United to start Bill Foulkes at Center back December 10, 2009

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The 77 year old Foulkes reported to the always rosey Sir Alex Ferguson and Old Trafford this past Tuesday for a routine physical. The former Man U great notched 566 appearances with the club throughout the fifties and sixties. Recently amiss the injury crisis not to be outdone by any combination of the swine flu, bird flu or Ebola the reds have found themselves in dire straights. While  Foulkes did test positive for 3 different brands of Metamucil, high levels of Ovaltine and severe arthritis of the knees; he checks out better than the likes of Ferdinand, Evans, Rafael, Vidic, Fabio, Neville and O’shea. In a recently released statement Ferguson said he expected Foulkes to participate in upcoming training sessions as well as be ready for game action within a couple of weeks. Foulkes shuttle run time of 23 seconds left a little bit to be desired as well as his general demeanor which came off as a bit “unaware”. A controversy brewing about his eligibility to play in night contests for the club is still ongoing. Roseland Parc Retirement Village in Cornwall contests they can’t leave the front door unlocked past 8:30 PM for security and procedural reasons, Folkes says he can just have his number one lad Barsley open it for him when he makes his way back. The debate is still ongoing.



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