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Fabianski forgot how to play soccer February 18, 2010

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Lukasz Fabianski used his hands poorly on two occasions Wednesday, watching a cross dribble through his hands into the net and eventually receiving a back pass in his HANDS. Which of course we learned when playing on the Wild Cheetahs in 3rd grade, you NEVER do. But the best part came when Porto elected to not ask for 10 yards of space and send a cheeky though pass to notch their second and deciding goal as Sol Campbell and Fabianski stood watching. Being the slight Arsenal fan that I am, at first I was along side Wenger yelling at the ref for the unjust deed he had done to my team, king and country. On second though, congrats to Porto, not often do things pan out quite that well. There is no rule that gives a defense time to set up, nor do the likes of goals which they scored show up in bunches. The latter leagues of the world deserve wins such as this on occasion.

On that note

Makoun would like to personally  thank Real for their kind visit to Lyon and wishes them a safe trip back to Madrid.


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