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My WC predictions June 13, 2010

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Uncategorized.

Hey, a bit late for these, huh? But better late than never.

Group A: 1. South Africa, 2. Mexico, 3. France, 4. Uruguay

Group B: 1. South Korea, 2. Argentina, 3. Greece, 4. Nigeria

Group C: 1. England, 2. USA, 3. Slovenia, 4. Algeria

Group D: 1. Germany, 2. Ghana, 3. Serbia, 4. Australia

Group E: 1. Slovakia, 2. Italy, 3. Paraguay, 4. New Zealand

Group F: 1. Netherlands, 2. Denmark, 3. Cameroon, 4. Japan

Group G: 1. Brazil, 2. North Korea, 3. Cote d’Ivorie, 4. Portugal

Group H: 1. Spain, 2. Chile, 3. Switzerland, 4. Honduras

Round of 16:

South Africa v. Argentina

England v. Ghana

Slovakia v. Denmark

Brazil v. Chile

South Korea v. Mexico

Germany v. USA

Netherlands v. Italy

Spain v. North Korea


Argentina v. Ghana

Denmark v. Chile

Mexico v. Germany

Netherlands v. Spain


Argentina v. Chile

Germany v. Spain


Argentina v. Germany

(p.s.: I’m not jumping on the Germany bandwagon. More on that later.)



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