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Only a matter of time before the Netherlands falls on its sword June 14, 2010

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in World Cup 2010.
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Surely it’s coming: Robin van Persie’s showering, minding his own business, fantasizing about burning Wesley Sneijder’s house down. He leans over to grab his rubber ducky, takes a tiny step forward, and slips on a bar of soap. A bar that just happened to be left there by Sneijder himself!

Gregory van der Wiel, swathed in black, tiptoes up behind Mark van Bommel, reaches into his shirt pocket, and, swift as lightning, whips out a cutting wire and entwines the Bayern Munich midfielder’s neck with it and pulls until his curly headed comrade passes out.

Sure, the Dutch national team looked decent against Denmark, chalking up the tournament’s first victory by a proper side over a proper side. But there were signs of the fissures that will, sooner or later, tear them apart. van Persie received a pass from Sneijder with his back to goal, then petulantly kicked it right back at his teammate. Sneijder tried it again and van Persie again batted it back. Sneijder sighed and flicked the ball out to Rafael van der Vaart, who was promptly disposessed.

Mark van Bommel attempted a ludicrously bad shot from distance and the camera cut away to Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk, the midfielder’s stepfather, and his assistant Frank de Boer. De Boer’s face contorted with displeasure and you could see him cursing under his breath.

I’m just saying the Dutch players, or some of them, really seem to hate one another. The aforementioned also seem to be prima donnas. When they’re on the field, they pass the ball well, but don’t play as a team all the same. It seems like it will end in tears for them. Just like always.



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