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Glorious People’s Republic achieves glorious People’s triumph June 15, 2010

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in World Cup 2010.
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(Clipped from the Glorious People’s news wire)

JOHANNESBURG, Fiefdom of Southern African Capitalist Pigdogs — The Glorious People’s Republic triumphed today over the yellow-shirted bourgeois devils of Brazil.

[The Democratic People’s Government regrets to inform viewers that the official broadcast of the Glorious People’s victory was sabotaged by imperialist devils from the United States at the 54th minute of the game.]

Comrade Ji Yun Nam’s glorious shot into the vile reactionaries’ net sealed a glorious triumph for socialism. In the wake of the humiliating defeat at the hands of the World’s footballing beacon, the vampiric overlords of Brazil agreed to cede the reins of the government to a glorious socialist state modeled after the Dear Leader’s own.

Comrade Ji’s glorious strike, reminiscent of his glorious country’s glorious Taepodong-2 flying revolutions, was inspired by the Dear Leader’s appearance on 55 minutes, when he descended from the heavens into the center of the field and spoke words of glorious wisdom to the players. All those in attendance, even the slavemasters of the local and Brazilian governments, were moved to weeping. It is said that the President of South Africa, realizing the error of his ways, professed to enact socialism on the spot.



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