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Spain brings out the script of World Cups past. June 16, 2010

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It is no little known fact that one of the most talented teams in the World and reigning European Champions Spain have only made it past the quarters once in a World Cup . For all of the woes and tribulations the English and their fan’s have suffered through, at least they have a cup.

Spain in an effort that lacked composure in the final half and an organized counter defense fell to the Swiss 1-0. I didn’t expect it, and probably neither did half of the 7 million Swiss. What can unequivocally be said in most minds is that no sport or tournament feels the burden of a sore history quite like the World Cup.

Spain controlled the pace from the onset, which is about as surprising a Barcelona, Real Madrid top 2 La Liga finish. What didn’t happen is what some might describe as the most important aspect of a winning team, finishing. Pass a team to death and have 70 percent possession, it looks pretty and definitely fills out a stat sheet. Unfortunately that just aint shit. The swiss had a nice through ball essentially through Sergio Busquets, and can anyone really tell me what Iker is doing going out feet first? If you saw it, you know of the fuck scramble that ensued which was a completely fitting finish to a side who showed little to no offensive adeptness previously. For what its worth outside of the Alonzo screamer off the post, the best two chances we’re that of second half Swiss Counters.

Though this loss screams of past failures it might actually be exactly what Spain needs to turn things in their favor. Honduras doesn’t have much to offer and if they fail to pull 3 points from the dust, their tournament is sincerely trashed. What this could all mean is a tougher road for Chile who probably poses as the second best side in the group but doesn’t match as well defensively against an assured to be angry Spanish side.

All said and done I still have Spain and Chile moving on. That is unless the soccer gods have their way as they often do.


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