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Ballack disconsolate at Germany win. June 23, 2010

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in World Cup 2010.

33-year-old Ballack, described by mother Karin as "a crybaby" and "a weenie."

Germany’s win over Ghana may have brought much of the winning country to raptures, but there was at least one German who plunged into tears after the final whistle.

“Boo hoo hoo,” 33-year-old Michael Ballack wept. “Nobody loves me!”

The reason for Ballack’s distress? Ghana midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng hurt him “real, real bad” in a May 15 kickabout near the Gorlitz native’s London home.

“I thought [Germany’s players] were my friends,” Ballack moaned between sobs. “But nobody got Prince back. He was so mean.”

Ballack said he expected a German player to pretend convincingly to misplace a soft pass in Boateng’s direction, only for another player, probably substitute Marcell Jansen, to lunge two-footed through the Portsmouth midfielder’s ankles.

Karin Ballack, Michael’s mother, said her son called her after the final whistle, but all she could here were disconsolate sobs.


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