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USA v. Brazil thoughts August 11, 2010

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Brazilian soccer, International soccer, U.S. soccer.

Editor’s note: It has come to our attention that this article must contain the following phrases: “just a friendly,” “weakened opposition,” “work to do,” “won nothing yet.” Consider that obligation filled.

  • Pretty again: Even before Dunga’s reign, the Brazilian national team’s ideas have been predicated on the idea that you must play ugly to win. That idea is stupid. Spain, among other teams, has spent the last few years proving that wrong. If Barcelona can play four attacking midfielders, two overlapping fullbacks and a central striker and still win everything in sight, why can’t Brazil? In New Jersey Tuesday, Brazil showed it can still produce players who know how to pass the ball.
  • Meaningless, schmeaningless: I hear you saying it was just a preseason international friendly, that it’s a long road to 2014, that Neymar and Ganso haven’t proved anything yet, etc. You know what? Shut up. This game was about showing Brazilians the national team can be fun again and it achieved that.
  • Neymar: I’d never seen the Santos man in the flesh, but I’d been skeptical of him because Tim Vickery was skeptical of him, but he looks like he can certainly play a bit. He has something of his country’s 1970s and 80s greats with his infectious smile, jinking skills and haircut destined to look extremely dated. There’s something about him that makes you want him to succeed one way or the other.
  • Dodgy: Another throwback to the idealized image of Brazilian soccer was the truly dodgy Victor in goal.
  • Bradley out: Remember the last time a US coach stuck around after a successful World Cup? Not so great. And don’t give me this Jurgen Klinsmann garbage. We need an American coach to continue the development of soccer in this country.
  • Sacha Kljestan looked good: Every other American outfield player didn’t really.


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