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Maradona to Aston Villa PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE August 16, 2010

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Argentine soccer, English soccer.
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I echo the Guardian’s Rumor Mill column when its author says, “I think the Rumour Mill speaks on behalf of everyone, except possibly tens of thousands of Aston Villa fans, when we say please give him the job, Randy. Please, please, please, please, please.”

Can you imagine how amazing that would be? Probably even more amazing than Maradona managing Liverpool, as was rumored earlier this summer. The man also has chops. Aston Villa is a club that thrives on set pieces and Maradona, in terms of football management skill, is nothing if not a master crafter of set pieces. Well, actually, moreso an absolute master motivator which, if this story is to be believed, is something Villa lack. His press-management technique is to take the pressure off of his players by magnetizing it to himself. Perfect for men like Gabriel Agbonlahor, Emile Heskey and Ashley Young, who sometimes play weighed down by palpable expectation.

Wanting tactically you say? Disagree. Diego Maradona’s 2010 Argentina is nearly tactically identical to O’Neill’s Villa. Sturdy, chiefly defensive fullbacks (Warnock and Cuellar for Villa, Heinze and Otamendi for Argentina). One ball-player and one slow-moving all-out defender (Demichelis/Collins and Samuel/Dunne). Put your best player in the center of midfield (Messi/Milner), alongside a canny destroyer (Mascherano/Petrov). One pacy winger, one more staid ball player (Ashley Young/Di Maria, Downing/Rodriguez). Target man partnered by a very busy striker (Tevez/Agbonlahor).

Villa will instantly inherit all Maradona’s many fans.

Perfect, simply perfect. Please Please Please Please. You’re a coward if you don’t, Randy Lerner.



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