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Could Franco di Santo finally become the man Mike always thought he could be? August 28, 2011

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Argentine soccer, English soccer.
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A couple of years ago Mike saw Franco Di Santo play a preseason friendly for Chelsea and told me the Argentine forward was the next big thing. Di Santo subsequently scored two goals in three seasons.

On Saturday, though, Di Santo scored both goals as his Wigan team beat QPR 2-0. I didn’t see the game, but the Match of the Day highlights showed a forward with a very delicate touch who can lead the line as well as combine with teammates. Of course, those were also his third and fourth goals in four seasons in English soccer, so Di Santo has a ton to prove.

His first, though, was an excellent half volley to cap off an intricate move Di Santo himself started. The kind of confidence he seemed to subsequently display suggested he might finally be waking from his torpor. Could Mike have been right all along?

Another Argentine who looked very good on Match of the Day was Blackburn’s Mauro Formica, and not just because he is the spitting image of Kaka. Some of the through balls he played were beautiful and he looked to have both the touch every true midfield orchestrator needs and the drive that is essential to English soccer. We’ll see how this one develops.

That's really a picture of Kaka, though, isn't it?



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