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I’ll miss Veron’s career. October 10, 2011

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Uncategorized.

Juan Sebastian Veron has just announced he’ll retire on Oct. 31. That’s too bad if you ask me. I never saw as much of Veron as I would have liked and the vast majority of the games I saw him play were Chelsea games, when he wasn’t at his best and didn’t suit the style.

It’s too bad for him that the era of his kind of player began in around 2006, when Veron was already 31. Xavi, Ever Banega, Deco, Charlie Adam and Jack Wilshere are all players cut from the same mold as Veron, but when their dominance was confirmed, Veron had just agreed to return to Estudiantes. His potential to make a massive mark in what should have been his era was squandered by Diego Maradona’s foolish preference for Lionel Messi as Javier Mascherano’s central midfield partner.

But I doubt Veron will be unhappy. He won the Copa Libertadores with his hometown club and probably finished his career just the way he’d like it. Those fans fortunate enough to see him probably won’t be that unhappy either. And I know I’ll be watching Veron play against Racing on the last of this month. Above is a random sampling of Veron brilliance.



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