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Halftime thoughts thoughts on Armenia-Ireland October 11, 2011

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1. The comparisons between Armenia and 80s Denmark are not that far-fetched. When Jonathan Wilson called Armenia “probably the most potentially exciting side to emerge since Denmark in the early 80s,” I wanted to believe him simply because having any team as exciting as Denmark in that era rattling around Europe these days would be tremendous fun, but I was skeptical. However, one half of football is enough to show that the Lernakanner are impressively well-drilled on defense, impressively technical and exhilarating going forward. To go away in a crucial qualifier and have a Barcelona-esque share of the possession, even if it is against Ireland, is impressive. If this team is around for another ten years, I’ll keep tuning in.

2. ESPN3’s commentators are embarrassing. I tuned in a little late, so I didn’t catch their names, but they’ve both got Irish accents and both refer to the Republic as “we.” Not only that, but they have an aggravating habit of instantly intimating that the Armenian players are time-wasting. Why would they waste time? They need to win. ESPN is an American network and America is a diverse country, containing as many as 1.2 million Armenians, many of whom are probably very passionate soccer fans who are not really being done a service here.



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