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Guardian not really brave enough to tell Jody Morris’ story. October 22, 2011

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in Scottish soccer.
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Ewan Murray’s psuedo-feature on St. Johnstone’s newly appointed manager Jody Morris is kind of an act of cowardice. Morris’ career trajectory goes like this: promising youngster struggles to break into Chelsea first team, loses his way under a torrent of scandals (insensitive comments about 9-11, alleged brawling, rape allegations that were subsequently dropped), succumbs to extreme lower league mediocrity (ten appearances in half a season at Rotherham), then somewhat resuscitates his career first at Millwall and then in the Scottish second division. That middle part, the scandal part, is something Murray describes only as “negative headlines relating to off-field events.”

It seems like a big part. It seems like something that somewhat undermines the idea that Murray is putting forth, that Jody Morris is some sort of august elder statesman of football. The entire article is unclear, but the flat, cursory mention of “off-field events” was to me the most glaring part of the entire article. After reading it, I wondered what it was I wasn’t reading there.

What is Murray afraid of? Storytelling?



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