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Worthwhile soccer things I’ve found recently December 6, 2011

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in What to read.

This interview by Beyond the Pitch with economist Sean Hamil is probably the most riveting and informative piece of sports-related audio content I have ever heard. Whenever I hear about soccer finances from someone who actually understands economics, everything else I know about soccer comes under a new light. If you like soccer, you must listen to this.

I realize American Samoa’s World Cup qualifying exploits are old news by now, but I actually got goosebumps after seeing the highlights of their game against Tonga. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soccer game mean so much to the players. The first watch-through I was also affected by the highlights from their elimination against Samoa on both sides — American Samoa’s Tala Luvu and Samoa’s Charles Bell are both fighting tears in the post-match interviews. The cheesy rock music that accompanies all the Oceania World Cup qualifying videos is also worthwhile.

A recent episode of the BBC World Service’s World Football program concerns the Eritrean national team. Basically, Eritrea hasn’t played an international in years because its government is rightly concerned players will use national team games as opportunities to escape the country’s oppressive regime. This episode is just excellent journalistic storytelling.




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