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Madrid’s latest Bale offer 93 million… Pounds, wait POUNDS? August 20, 2013

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Yes, for us red meat eating, God fearing, likely obese Americans that comes out to around 145 million USD.. Or roughly the asking price of the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey franchise. Hell I could nearly buy an island the size of Great Britain for that much. That, or a fancy footballer from the most inconsequential country within it’s border. This news comes from a reliable source known as “twitter,” which is a large social networking site known for making it’s users be concise. When asked about it’s credibility Wikipedia responded, “Looks legit.” You heard it here first…………

Bleacher Report confusingly proclaims simultaneous decline and rise of Liverpool, City December 29, 2011

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According to Bleacher Report, Liverpool and Manchester City will fade in 2012. Also according to Bleacher Report, both teams will surge ahead in 2012. I don’t know how that’s possible, but there it is.

The site has released a list of “7 Teams Who Will Fade in 2012” and a list of “10 Sleeper Soccer Teams That Will Explode in 2012,” and the two English teams are on both. Just to be clear, the distinction is not the “bang vs. whimper” dichotomy, but between teams that will improve and teams that will get worse in the new year.

To be fair to the site, though the headline for the second list reads “Will Explode,” the individual summaries of Liverpool and City only say that the teams have the potential for improvement (City could bounce back from being eliminated from the Champions League, while Liverpool can push on if a few more players return to form). The other list, meanwhile, only makes the case that both clubs will lose their most important player (Luis Suarez for Liverpool, Yaya Toure for City) for a month that also includes dangerous fixtures. It should also be stated that the lists were written by different columnists with different opinions.

Still, though, it’s kind of embarrassing.



All that is good: Auclair, Warnock, the future December 8, 2011

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I’ve just created a new section for this page called “all that is good.” It basically will contain every football-related link we come across that gives us tingly joy. Here are my first three additions:

  • Dec. 8, 2011: Surreal Football’s Footurology series. The only part of Surreal Football that consistently lives up to that page’s promise. A series of boisterously absurd newsflashes from the sport’s dystopian future. This purported interview with Andrea Dossena on the site is also gold.
  • Dec. 8, 2011: this sketch of Neil Warnock is an utterly comprehensive summary of the man. (thanks to On Goals Scored)
  • Dec. 8, 2011: today’s Guardian Football Weekly Extra. They never fail to provide enjoyment when Philippe Auclair is involved. He never shies away from a catty remark (in this week’s, he has a bitchy zinger about Leonardo and Carlo Ancelotti’s relationship), gossips incorrigibly, and alludes to a bank of alluring secrets culled from connections and friends in high places. What’s best about him though is that he’s not afraid to be his own man, going against the grain, defending opinions most soccer journalists would be too squeamish to entertain. A boss. In this week’s adventures, he has a snarling debate with Rob Smyth over Manchester United’s governing structure. Also, Jonathan Richardson is also at his mischievous best. Football Weekly is often grating, but when it’s this good, it’s very entertaining.