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Mesut Ozil with an Arsenal kit! Trollin’ Europe’s Top spenders in favor of the Gunners September 3, 2013

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Here he is, The Raven now in red… Not with either team from Manchester, a certain team in Paris and most definitely no longer located in the city of Madrid. In general not something many people expected to see after this transfer deadline day. Hats off to Arsenal, people may say they didn’t address their defensive midfield or their overall defensive depth. To that I say would you rather have Mesut Ozil or NOT have Mesut Ozil? Thats what I thought……

Thumbs up!


Transfer deadline extravaganza!!! September 2, 2013

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The unofficial FIFA Transfer deadline day thread, unofficially endorsed by Sepp Blatter’s jowls!

– Mesut Ozil just needs to pass a physical in Munich and he is set for a $42 million dollar move to Arsenal. It is said the he is set to make 6 million a year under the terms of his new contract with the North London club.                                                                                                         —          UPDATE 1: Check out Real Madrid fan’s chanting “Don’t sell Ozil as Perez announces Bale. What is his reaction you ask? To “Shhhhh” them of course. This is a must watch!


– Everton head man, Roberto Martinez isn’t ruling out keeping Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini amidst multiple reports Manchester United are keen on signing him. If this is true there reports this could free up $15 million necessary for the Toffees to bring Porto man, Fernando to the Merseyside.

Manchester City’s 20-year-old striker Harry Bunn joins Sheffield United on a month’s loan, according to the Premier League club’s Twitter feed. (external) In addition, 21-year-old midfielder Mohammed Abu joins Denmark’s Aarhus until the end of December.

– Liverpool has seemingly lost out to Atletico Madrid for the services of Ajax defender Toby Alderweireld. The talented 24 year old Belgian centerback spurned offers from many English sides to join Atletico for an undisclosed fee.

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What Tottenham’s lineup could look like going forward August 30, 2013

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If I told you you could have 25 million pounds Erik Lamela, Nacer Cadli and Christian Eriksen for the price of Gareth Bale, would you take it? I would.  many times over.

It should be said Tottenham spent just over $100 million on all of their signings this summer but they are sure to make a majority of that back when the Bale transfer goes final.

The greatest youtube soccer goal EVER! August 30, 2013

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The music comes at you with POWER and intrigue… A-la a a brutal scuffle between Megazord and whatever Rita Repulsa could conjure up on the day. Except this time with less property damage and more goals!!!

NOTHING gets me jacked up for some sweet, sweet J league highlights like some fucking generic mid 90’s metal, (except for possibly fiery hot SPEED metal. SOMEONE CUE SOME DRAGONFORCE DAMNIT!!!!)

Sorry that was inappropriate, back to whatever my point was. Ah yes, this fantastic golazo made possible by Leonardo. The legendary Brazilian, who for some reason spent 2 years at the Kashima Antlers scored 30 goals in 49 games, to be sure none better than this. I won’t ruin it with a description, or attempt to do it justice with my text, I suggest you just watch..


Madrid’s latest Bale offer 93 million… Pounds, wait POUNDS? August 20, 2013

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Yes, for us red meat eating, God fearing, likely obese Americans that comes out to around 145 million USD.. Or roughly the asking price of the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey franchise. Hell I could nearly buy an island the size of Great Britain for that much. That, or a fancy footballer from the most inconsequential country within it’s border. This news comes from a reliable source known as “twitter,” which is a large social networking site known for making it’s users be concise. When asked about it’s credibility Wikipedia responded, “Looks legit.” You heard it here first…………

Messi’s Tax fraud gets creepy Taiwanese treatment June 14, 2013

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This extremely accurate depiction of tax fraud is brought to you by the country of Taiwan. But who are we kidding, everything Messi does is cute, defrauding the government Spain just got an adorable facelift!

Neymar signs for… Oregon State University? May 31, 2013

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The Brazilian starlet was all but destined to be Barcelona’s next great South American star. Instead, Neymar has decided to take his talent South beac… Err Corvallis, Oregon! As pictured below the 21-year-old striker has closely monitored the progression of Portland Timbers GREAT Ryan Johnson and has decided to take on 4 years of eligibility, just like former OSU stand-out, Johnson. This of course makes a lot of sense due to a recent independent study which I just made up that says  U.S. soccer players have a 74% chance to be more successful in the pro ranks if they opt for the college route. A couple more interesting statistics, Neymar is now 69% more likely to puke immediately following a beer bong attempt gone wrong, but is also 93% less likely to contract gonorrhea after a transexual orgy… We all have our vices.

Tottenham signed Ryan Nelsen? February 11, 2012

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Here’s Tottenham Hotspur’s matchday squad for the game against Newcastle (Courtesy of the Guardian’s Scott Murray):

Tottenham Hotspur: Friedel; Walker, Dawson, King, Assou-Ekotto; Kranjcar, Modric, Parker, Bale; Adebayor, Saha.
Subs: Cudicini, Bongani, Nelsen, Rose, Livermore, Lennon, Defoe

Yes, that, in bold, is Stanford-educated New Zealand defender Ryan Nelsen. I wasn’t even aware he’d signed for Spurs. I have no idea why he has barely featured at Blackburn this season, but if he performs at all decently, he’ll make Steve Kean look very stupid indeed.

Ghana doesn’t seem to care whether it plays football or not February 5, 2012

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Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic has crafted the most nihilistic side at the African Cup of Nations (photo credit: Africa Soccernet)

As usual, things haven’t gone according to plan for me regarding the Africa Cup of Nations. I’d wanted to watch all the games, or failing that at least see all the teams, but it didn’t work out. Now only four sides are left for me to think about. I’ll try to post my thoughts on each of the ones left at least.

I used to like Ghana, but I don’t anymore.

Many Americans first saw the Black Stars when they knocked the U.S. out of the 2010 World Cup and got a bad impression. I remember them from their swashbuckling 2006 campaign, where they were a glass-jawed side that tore teams apart at stretches but never seemed to believe in itself. Very charismatic.

Ghana 2012, though has none of that, even though it has more stardust and confidence than ever before. Marseille attacker Andre Ayew is the best player I’ve ever seen in Ghana’s colors and the team is built around him. Every time he gets the ball, there’s anticipation, because he can do anything he wants with it.

But Ayew, against Tunisia, was also outrageously cynical. In two extra time minutes, I remember him hitting the ground in feigned agony three times. And that’s very much emblematic of the entire team.

Every time the ball enters Ghana’s box, you can hear coach Goran Stevanovic screaming “Away!” over the crowd. Whenever the opposition gets a break, Anthony Annan hurdles out of nowhere and chops the ball-carrier down. Plenty of sides do this sort of thing, but the overall impression with Ghana is unmistakable: This is a side that doesn’t care one way or the other whether it plays football.

That said, it’s also the most complete team at the tournament.

Surprisingly, Libya lacked purpose and Equatorial Guinea had it in spades. January 21, 2012

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Walid El Khatrouchi (in white) was Libya's most dangerous player. Photo credit: MTNfootball

The great deal written in the British media about Libya’s qualification for the African Nations Cup suggested that the Desert Knights would be a team with real inspiration. Libya is like a new country now, and in the players’ minds, we were told, that meant they had everything to prove both on behalf of themselves and their countrymen.

But Libya did not play like a team that had a burning purpose. Indeed, the contrast with Equatorial Guinea, their opponent in the tournament opener, was stark. Marcos Paqueta has been Libya’s coach for a long time, while Gilson Paulo has been in charge of Equatorial Guinea for a matter of weeks. It was Gilson, however, who seemed to have a clear grasp of his players’ strengths and weaknesses and how best to exploit them.

Strategically, Equatorial Guinea resembled North Korea at the last World Cup, with a reliance on packing men behind the ball and breaking quickly to exploit the speed, technique and finishing ability of the front two. Tactically, the hosts were very sophisticated for a team thrown together in such a short time. They focused on keeping two spare men at the back when Libya had the ball and responded well to what passed for Libya’s shape, with left wingback Randy exploiting right-back Abdulaziz Belrrish’s weakness on high balls and playmaker Ivan Bolado taking advantage of the space left by the ill-discipline of Djamal Mahamat.

Libya was tactically a mess. Where it was clear Equatorial Guinea was playing 3-4-1-2, it was impossible to say what Libya’s formation was. There were definitely four at the back and Ahmed Al Zuway was a lone forward, but none of the players in between had a clear role. They all seemed to get sucked into the center, making it easy for the Equatorial Guineans’ back three to cope with them.

The system didn’t play to the Libyans’ strengths. Zuway is clearly slow and ponderous, but in the first half, he kept trying to turn and run at the Equatorial Guinea defense, losing the ball every time. Even in the second half, though, he was at a clear disadvantage, since he was outnumbered three to one.

Belrrish looked overmatched against Randy no matter what he did, even missing simple headers, but when he tried to break forward, he made matters worse, since his runs were bad and left the defense at Randy’s mercy. And there didn’t seem to be anyone covering him, Mahamat, nominally a defensive midfielder, kept charging forward too.

Libya’s only bright spot was attacking midfielder Walid El Khatrouchi. The Al-Ittihad player actually took up arms against Muammar Gahdaffi, so it’s no surprise he was the single most determined man on the field, but he also seemed to be the most consistently inventive. His runs were good and he was full of improvised flicks and dribbles. When he went off, Libya’s hopes left with him.

There are mitigating factors. The crowd was definitely a big part of Equatorial Guinea’s performance and the noise from the supporters may have cowed Libya. It’s also possible that the weight of representing what feels like a whole new nation was too much for the Libyans. In any case, they’ve got a lot of improving to do.