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Nicklas Bendtner just wasn’t strange enough already October 7, 2013

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I’m not sure how it took us weeks, let-alone days or even minutes to mention whatever the hell is going on with Nicklas Bendtner’s general head region. The silly beard is enough to question the man’s cleanliness but the hair takes it over-the-top with a samurai doo that is poorly executed, at best. I wasn’t aware they sent him out on loan to medieval Japan for the past two seasons. Let’s just hope when he inevitably misses a simple chance he doesn’t disembowel himself right on the touch line.

Gervinho’s forehead is distracting June 15, 2010

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What is going on here?

From what I understand he is balding, but still enjoys the reputation of a full head of hair. His dreadlocks seem powerful and well put together but like that of a middle aged man nearly all of his fine locks stem from the side of his head. This creates a gleaming fore region that nearly matches the prowess of the mane which surrounds it. Needless to say the fact i’m writing this is a testament to the profound distraction this has created, also he is looking pretty good at the football game at hand.

– Another note: This second half has already been about 3 times as watchable as the first, hooray!