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Allow me to introduce myself August 28, 2011

Posted by J.A. in European soccer, Spanish soccer.
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My girlfriend and I

Hello everyone! I’m the new guy at The Half Volley and I’m uniquely qualified to be here insofar as Mike and Alex have given me consent to write on the blog.  I’m really into obscure Monday night La Liga matches and I live in Madrid.  Most of what I write about will probably have something to do with Spanish soccer.  Or not.  I figured I’d list all my credentials below as to why anyone should pay attention to me.

  • Fifa 2007 (On the ‘cube) genius.
  • Euro 2008 and World cup 2010 fantasy soccer champion
  • In a related story, I was kicked out of the University of Oregon Euro fantasy soccer league for too much trash talking.  Twice.  Mike and Alex quickly took up arms (literally) to defend me and were promptly booted as well (thanks!).  In my defense, I was up by over 100 points after the group phase thanks to an Andrea Pirlo penalty that somehow got me like 107,323 points
  • I’m a big fan of old washed-up forwards who were probably never that great (Looking at you, Hernan Crespo)
  • Xavi likes me
  • I once got a red card for rejecting a throw-in Mutombo style
  • People’s champ

If anything about my voice makes The Half Volley seem slightly less credible you should probably just keep reading.