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Milijas wasted on Wolves. January 21, 2012

Posted by Alex Tomchak Scott in English soccer.
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Photo credit: Richard Heathcote/Getty.

Nenad Milijas is wasted on Wolves. What’s the point of having an elegant deep-lying playmaker if you’re going to spend 90 minutes bypassing midfield?

Milijas glides across the turf in a permanent, portable oasis of space. It’s a rare gift that Wolverhampton seems almost contemptuously determined not to exploit. He offers himself up for the simple pass and forms triangles again and again, as if he doesn’t know he is just going to be ignored.

When he plays one of his precise, tempo-setting, play-spreading passes, his teammates look almost offended.

He must realize he doesn’t fit, so why has he been there for three years?