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1966 World Cup team now has Wikipedia articles October 2, 2011

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Ri Chang Myung and his 1966 teammates now have Wikipedia articles.

Until recently, the only members of the 1966 team with their own articles were right winger Pak Doo Ik, captain Pak Seung Zin and manager Myung Rae Hyun. On Sept. 22, though, one Wikipedia user spent about an hour creating pages for the other 20 members of the team.

The user himself appears to have no special interest in North Korea. The articles themselves are pretty vague, listing only the players’ names and positions, along with the clubs they played for during the World Cup. The user also created articles for many other 1966 World Cup players for other nations. It’s still a positive development, in my eyes, as far as recognizing and understanding one of soccer’s most fascinating teams.

Strangely, the Korean-language Wikipedia page only has articles on six North Korean players (they’re linked at the bottom of this, the article about Pak Doo Ik). That is, one article for each Korean goalscorer in the tournament, plus one for each of the starting fullbacks against the Soviet Union and the Koreans’ outstanding goalkeeper Ri Chang Myung. This probably says something, but I don’t know what.

There’s definitely room for improvement, but I’m especially glad because finding this spurred me to watch “Game of Their Lives,” and English documentary on the team from 2002. It can be found below.

From the DPRK news wire: DPR Korea cruising toward sporting, political victories. June 21, 2010

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[Taken from the DPR Korea news wires.]

The glorious Party Committee of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea would like to apologize to viewers for the service interruption in the 29th minute of the World Cup soccer match between the glorious DPR Korea national team and the cod-hoarding imperialist Portuguese pigdogs.

It appears the Western Satan has again attempted to undermine the revolution by staunching the broadcast.

To those viewers interested in knowing before the signal returns, the DPR Korea team scored six goals in that timespan. The head pigdog of Portugal was in talks at halftime to cede sovereignty over his fief to the Dear Leader.

News Break: Australia really…really stinks. June 15, 2010

Posted by michaeltomlinson in World Cup 2010.
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An astute mathematical point was made about every 7 minutes during ESPN’s pre-game coverage of Brazil vs North Korea. The token Americans and former players fiddling around the studio noticed that Brazil, the highest ranked team in the world was to meet North Korea, the lowest seeded qualifier at 105. Unlike my my friend Alex my knowledge of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is slim like most of the world. One thing that can be said is that they are six kangaroos and one 3 foot tyrant better than the shit storm that is Australia.

Germany is certainly not Brazil, on any level. Yet if you tuned in the team deemed a world cup away from greatness toyed with the Australians. Time after time the Germans sent through balls whizzing past the hopeless high line of the Ausie back four. When it was said and done the youngsters from Germany completed over 90 percent of their passes and made it look easy. I’m not attempting to take anything away from a German side who bagged 4, but a group of 30 something defenders playing the offside trap against Thomas Müller and Lukas Podolski running down the wings seemed to trying adamantly to commit tactical suicide.

It isn’t just that I believe Australia’s coaching or positioning is terrible (ie: Tim Cahill, their one midfield play maker starting ALONE at striker.) They too are just less talented and have a skill on the ball that is envied by few. The only thing this really says is that those 85 places that separate Australia and North Korea in the Fifa ratings is that it is about as useful as college football pre season rankings and probably just as absurdly biased.

Glorious People’s Republic achieves glorious People’s triumph June 15, 2010

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(Clipped from the Glorious People’s news wire)

JOHANNESBURG, Fiefdom of Southern African Capitalist Pigdogs — The Glorious People’s Republic triumphed today over the yellow-shirted bourgeois devils of Brazil.

[The Democratic People’s Government regrets to inform viewers that the official broadcast of the Glorious People’s victory was sabotaged by imperialist devils from the United States at the 54th minute of the game.]

Comrade Ji Yun Nam’s glorious shot into the vile reactionaries’ net sealed a glorious triumph for socialism. In the wake of the humiliating defeat at the hands of the World’s footballing beacon, the vampiric overlords of Brazil agreed to cede the reins of the government to a glorious socialist state modeled after the Dear Leader’s own.

Comrade Ji’s glorious strike, reminiscent of his glorious country’s glorious Taepodong-2 flying revolutions, was inspired by the Dear Leader’s appearance on 55 minutes, when he descended from the heavens into the center of the field and spoke words of glorious wisdom to the players. All those in attendance, even the slavemasters of the local and Brazilian governments, were moved to weeping. It is said that the President of South Africa, realizing the error of his ways, professed to enact socialism on the spot.

Halftime report (Brazil-DPRK) June 15, 2010

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So the unctuous Brazilian capitalist under-pig-dogs have spent the half cheating their way to a 0-0 upset draw. Clearly, envious of the socialist paradise that is the glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, some agglomeration of malevolent capitalist forces — the canary-shirted coffee-hoarders themselves, perhaps FIFA, maybe the American pigdogs — has drugged the glorious Chollima to blunt their glorious goalscoring potency.

One can only expect the glorious people’s champion and Dear Leader Kim Jong Il will find some miracle cure for the odious capitalist poison in the second half. Never you fear.