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Arsenal’s High Line DOOMS!!! Barcelona February 17, 2011

Posted by michaeltomlinson in Champions League, European soccer.
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So there is a second leg to be played, thus doomed is not only somewhat inflammatory but certainly a bit pretentious. On that note it sounds powerful and engaging so fuck you, you’re reading it now!

A lot of the blame from what I understand has fallen on the shoulders of Sergio Busquets, who for what its worth did not play his best game. But while his defensive mistakes may be more highlighted. The fact that Barce spent a larger portion than usual in the center of the field was due to being outnumbered. Wallcott and Nasri spent an uncharacteristically large amount of time pushed in and back stepping on the toes of Barcelona’s vaunted midfield. Along with Song, Wilshere and Cesc, who actually played higher up than Nasri and Walcott, created at times a 5 on 3. There were instances where Busquets like Xavi had no forward outlets, save Messi cutting into space. Busquets played poorly but much of it was due to the focus of Arsenal cutting down space, a place where Busquets operates in a normal match. Xavi and Iniesta play a majority of their game within inches of one or two defenders, it is abnormal for Busquets to be under similar pressure. So while possession was still heavy in the Catalonian side’s favor, it was always purposeful or rooted in a the ultimate goal of attacking, which is certainly not the case most weeks. Credit should also be given to Cliche and Eboue who also cut down the prominence of the Barca’s fullbacks, Alves played well but had very little effect on the game outside of box play on both ends. His game was sorely missed in the middle of the field, and it would not be surprising if Barcelona made it a point to fight down the wings 3 weeks from now. When Arsenal takes its first leg lead to Spain it needs nothing short of an exemplary performance yet again to avoid a similar exit to last years fixture. Barcelona is the only teams in the world that would go into a second leg down one goal and still favored against a top 5 team in the world. But with an on form Wilshere and Nasri Arsenal may be poised to do what i’m sure their captain didn’t truly believe, survive Camp Nou, Verb choice, Check…